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Existing Protection Systems

Protective structures are currently the only effective method to protect workers from machinery rollover:
Rollover cabins are a set of metallic beams and pillars that are fitted to the machine chassis surrounding the driving position and providing the driver with the necessary vital space in case of overturning.
Frames are four-post or six-post open structures. They form a cage around the driving position and, like cabins, provide the driver with a survival space in case of overturning.
Basic or two-post roll bars are also called ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure). These two-post structures can be referred to as “forward” or “backward” depending on whether they are fitted in the front of the driving position or behind it. This position is decided depending on the weight of the tractor. Roll guards are fitted in the front part on lighter tractors while on heavier tractors the roll guard is placed in the rear. These are the most widely spread rollover preventive methods in certain zones (depending on the crops).

What is the problem?

It is important to point out that there are still far too many farm tractor and machinery fatalities due to the following reasons:
  • Farm tractors and machinery fitted with insecure cabins, which become a trap in case of rollovers.
  • Farm tractors and machinery with no protective device, due to the age of the tractor.
  • Farm tractors and machinery with no protective device, as they have been removed by the owner for being considered an obstacle when accessing sheds, greenhouses, etc.
  • Farm tractors and machinery with no protective device, because the damaged structure was not replaced after a rollover.
  • Farm tractors and machinery with rollover bars, but due to ease of use or to avoid inconvenience to the owner are kept folded at all times.
  • Farm tractors and machinery with protective device but these are too heavy and sometimes double the weight of the tractor.

Air-Rops actual and future solution

In order to mitigate such problems, we have developed an extendable protective structure that is automatically extended, without the intervention of the driver, as soon as the machine overturns, thereby protecting the driver. To improve the performance of the device during rollover, we have developed a structure Air-Rops where the height and width of the structure increases, enlarging the secure space and protecting the driver effectively. However, this protection system is only effective, when combined with other devices, such as seatbelts (passive protection), ensuring the driver remains in the secure space and avoids them being thrown out when overturning.

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