Air-Rops is an structure that extends automatically with simultaneous geometric variations in case of overturning. Firstly, the structure rises to increase its height while at the same time the top bar extends its width when the vehicle reaches a tilt angle of between 45 and 50 degrees. As the Air-Rops system is applicable to many different vehicles, we have established suitable solutions for the different types of tractors and machinery. Air-Rops is a project that was born as a solution to this problem. The idea was developed by Navarra Occupational Health Institute in cooperation with the Public University of Navarra, where both the feasibility of the structure and the compatibility with different equipment have been taken into account, in accordance to parameters established by the existing rules in the OECD and the European Union.
Air-Rops is today’s and future solution. This system is, given its goodness, the ideal solution for this type of accident, since it means an active protection at all times as, in the event of a rollover, it automatically expands without the intervention of the driver. Protecting the driver in a more efficient way, because it increases the dimensions both in height and width of the "safety space" around the driver. Air-Rops must always be accompanied by a safety belt (UPNA-2010 ventral type) with warning (passive protection), which ensures the worker's stay in the safe space, preventing him from being dismissed at the time of rollover
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