What Air-Rops is?

In summary, Air-Rops consists in a structure made with telescopic bars (vertical and horizontal) that expands automatically in a rollover situation. The expansion of the bars occurs when the vehicle reaches a filt angle of between 45º and 50º and the rollover is irreversible. We are proud to inform that we have found the solution to protect drivers from rollovers, and this is Air-Rops. We present this system with the satisfaction and confidence that this will contribute to reducing hundreds of deaths that occur every year.

Air-Rops description

The expandable device described here has been designed to solve the problems previously mentioned, with a simpler and more effective solution than the previous ones. Such expandable protective device is based in an articulated “V” shape frame closed at the top, where both the sidebars and the horizontal bar located at the top are telescopic profiles. All these elements make up an structure governed by a management system associated with a dual-axis inclination sensor that acts on it. The structure is expanded when a vehicle reaches a tilt angle “between 45º and 50º”, which could result in an irreversible tractor or agricultural machinery rollover. When the sidebars expand, the top horizontal bar raises and extends, increasing the structure dimensions in both height and width protecting the driver as a result of an increase of the safety space. This is a structure that in case of overturning will extend automatically with simultaneous geometric variations. Firstly the structure rises increasing its height, and at the same time the structure extends its width. The transition from collapsed position to extended position of the frame, does not depend on driver’s will, but this is managed by sensors, as previously mentioned. These sensors consist of a biaxial inclinometer and a security activation algorithm, ensuring that the transition from standby status to operational status is performed whenever there is an overturning, and avoiding unwanted expansions during normal use of the vehicle, or during specific situations, such as possible tilts for repairs, risk situations, loads, etc
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