<a href="http://air-rops.es/conclusiones">Human Advantages</a>

Human Advantages

Air-Rops will certainly have a great impact on reducing the number of fatalities and injuries caused by work equipment rollovers in the thousands of accidents occurred not only in Spain but worldwide.

<a href="http://air-rops.es/conclusiones">Technical Advantages</a>

Technical Advantages

At the technical level, it should be noted Air-Rops versatility and adequacy to different vehicles, sizes and/or weights and an increase of driver’s security due to a bigger “security space” and because it is and active and automatic system.

<a href="http://air-rops.es/conclusiones">Economic Advantages</a>

Economic Advantages

Air-Rops helps to an ease of manufacture and to reduce costs in this kind of vehicles. As a consequence, there is also a cost reduction in repairs after rollover and insurances.

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Air-rops is a company founded in 2012 that thanks to the involvement of eight expert partners in the field of occupational hazard prevention, engineering and agriculture, aims to minimize hazardous circumstances with a cost-competitive and innovative new rollover protection system.
This internationally patented system is applicable to many working equipments such as farm tractors, agricultural quad-bikes, and self-propelled machinery
As statistics show, farm tractors are the most extendedly used machine in the world yet also the cause of many fatal accidents.
In Spain alone it is estimated that there are between 60 and 100 fatal rollover accidents every year, resulting in crushing or suffocation under overturned farm tractors.
Rollovers cause not only personal injuries, but also the machine structure to be seriously damaged.
Accidents from overturned tractors and other working equipments are a consequence of the lack or ineffectiveness of a rollover protective structure (ROPS).

Air-Rops is an structure that extends automatically with simultaneous geometric variations in case of overturning. Firstly, the structure rises to increase its height while at the same time the top bar extends its width when the vehicle reaches a tilt angle of between 45 and 50 degrees. As the Air-Rops system is applicable to many different vehicles, we have established suitable solutions for the different types of tractors and machinery. Air-Rops is a project that was born as a solution to this problem.
The idea was developed by Navarra Occupational Health Institute in cooperation with the Public University of Navarra, where both the feasibility of the structure and the compatibility with different equipment have been taken into account, in accordance to parameters established by the existing rules in the OECD and the European Union.