¿Why not an automatic rollover protective structure that remains collapsed until it’s really needed?

The air-ROPS team has long experience in agribusinees occupational safety. We have witnessed many rollover accidents with the result of severe injury or death. In many cases these accidents occured because the rollover structure had been removed (fixed ROPS) or was not in the upward position (foldable ROPS).

We then initiated a consultation to evaluate the acceptance by the end user of an automatic rollover protective system and we were surprised by the overwelming positive evaluation and feedback.

We then thought ¿why not to replicate the airbag concept in automotive industry to rollover protection in agricultural industry?. Air-ROPS was then stablished with this objective in mind

After unountable design, prototyping and trial loops, the air-ROPS concept was validated in 2015 and the next step to series development was initiated.

Since 2015, the air-ROPS team has been entirely focused to provide the higest level of quality and safety to our product. Our goal has been to provide the BEST rollover protection system in the market.

Air-ROPS is a senior and enthusiastic team formed by mechanical & electrical engineers and OHS professionals

What we do

We develop rollover protective systems for customized or general use projects and customers.

Air-ROPS provides the expertise in rollover protection. Our team of experts can provide the best automatic rollover solution for your special need.
We provide outstanding knowledge in the following fields:

  • Rollover protective structures standards and design.
  • Motion algorithms and machinery dynamics.
  • Safety electronics, motion sensing hardware, processing units and system outputs.

We provide a full adoption of automatic rollover protection system to the customer requirements.

We can provide full project management from draft to finish product.

“We are proud of offering a solution that will save lifes”

Asier Lucea
Director at Air Rops


Our mission is to provide safer machinery for agriculture with an innovative rollover protective solution that relies on well-proven existing technologies.


We seek to reduce the large number of deaths and injuries caused by off-road vehicle rollovers in the world.

We want to reduce painful losses affecting machine operator’s families worldwide.