“The AR-QUAD is an automatic rollover protection system for ATVs that expands when the rollover is irreversible, providing the highest level of protection and the most ergonomic solution in the market.”

Main Features

The AR-Quad solution is a cost-effective automatically deployed rollover protective structure, specifically designed for ATV’s, that covers the existing safety gaps related to low clearance operations, low center of gravity and limited rollover protection for ATV’s.

Working Principle

T + 0.003s

Sensors detect Rollover

This is the time it takes sensors to translate the monitored inertial condition into an electric output.

Working Principle

T + 0.015s

Evaluation of the rollover condition

The signal from the sensor is processed by the ECU, and the ECU determines if the rollover condition is achieved. If the ECU determines that the rollover condition is met, it sends a signal to initiatiate the inflator (gas emitting device).

Working Principle

T + 0.020s

The inflator goes into action

The inflator is activated through an igniter, causing the gas to release, resulting in the deployment of the expandable structure.

Working Principle

T + 0.045s

The gas is fully released

The inflator has released all the gas pressure inside the structure.

Working Principle

T + 0.250s

The structure is fully deployed

The pressure generated inside the structure makes the movable portion to expand vertically and horizontally until it reaches the latching position.

Working Principle

T + 0.250s

Rollover beyond 90 degrees is NOT posible.

AR-Quad benchmark vs existing solutions

AD- Quad Market CPD’s
Rollover protection
Enhanced safety area
Comfort experience
Rollover warning
Low center of gravity
Clear vision
Low clearance
CE Marking by third party entity
Universal Fixture
Zero Maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

The AR QUAD is an automatic rollover protection system for ATVs (independent of the will of the operator) that is activated when the machine overturns, becoming the safest and the most ergonomic solution of the market.

The AR-Quad is designed for professional ( agriculture, security, utility …) ATV usage where rollovers can occur at low speeds. It is not suited for use in sports, competition or trial ATV’s
The AR-quad can only be used in quads with indepedent rear suspension

AR-Quad is based on the air-ROPS principle of automatic rollover protection system. The solution consists of a metallic structure with telescopic bars (vertical and horizontal) that expand automatically when a rollover situation occurs.

The full deplyment of the structure occurs in less than 0.3s (rollover timing is usually > 0.7s) when the vehicle reaches the activation threshold (after reaching the point of no return, when the rollover is irreversible).

Yes. This is possible thanks to a certified electronic control unit that constantly monitors the vehicle dynamics and activation threshold of the system and warns of the roll over conditions in other to help the operator to prevent the roll over.

This electronic central unit loads all the dynamic information related to the roll over in case of need of detailed analysis of the event.

An ATV technician with basic knowledge can install it. It only requires simple electrical and mechanical operations to execute. 
Yes. The system has to be evaluated by a competent ATV technician. If the structure has not suffered sustantial damage, the gas inflator is exchanged and the structure rearmed.
  • It reduces potential injuries of risks motivated by the entanglement with low clearance obstacles.
  • It does not disturb the operator / machine at any time.
  • It is fully independent of the will of the operator under all circumstances (will independent safety function).
  • Very competitive price for the added functions (active safety) and enhanced protection
  • It provides full roll over protection in ATV’s (expansion in two directions) and not just crush protection.
  • It reduces repair costs in ATV’s. AR QUAD limits rollover to 90º max. due to its high width.
  • It’s safety certified electronic solution ensures the reliability of its functionality
  • AR QUAD is the best compromise in cost, reliability and simplicity.
There is currently no existing ROPS solution for ATV’s. Existing solutions for ATV’s are not ROPS but CPD’s (crush protection devices) recently introduced in the market. 

The other solutions present 2 big disadvantages vs AR QUAD:

  • they do not limit the rollover (<90º turn) but provide crush protection to the operator.
  • they disturb during the regular operation of the ATV in confined or low clearance spaces. Some people also argue that they can tangle in branches perturbing the ATV stability.
AR QUAD is the only system which expands in 2 dimensions, vertical and horizontally. The gas pressure generated by the pyrotechnic inflator does not extend but expand the structure. This unique feature allows increasing the safety space for the operator to a new level, limiting the scope of the rollover. The 2 dimensional expansion enables to provide full ROPS protection in ATV’s. This cannot be achieved by any system in the market without compromising stability.

AR QUAD relies on a pyrotechnic gas inflator like the millions that are used every day in the automotive industry. They are reliable, low cost, maintenance free and independent of auxiliary systems of the machine. It offers the fastest deployment time in the market, t < 0.2 s. This incredibly fast deployment allows activating the structure at a much higher tilt angle, reducing the chances of false activations.

The simplicity and low weight enables its application on ATV’s.

AR QUAD’s expandable frame relies on 8 hardened steel rods to lock the structure in the extended position. It’s a failsafe mechanism without moving components.

Additionally, the rods are placed inside the structure therefore protected from the environment and external aggressions.

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