THE GUARDIAN: Government had rejected campaigners’ demands for new safety measures on basis of outdated research

A shameful episode that occurred in the United Kingdom where British ministers claimed, based on reports dated 1999, that quad protection systems could increase the risk of injury has been published. However, after realizing that dozens of people lose their lives in quad accidents (most of them due to rollover) every year in the United Kingdom, they have been forced to apologize. Because of that, they now promise to review the current legislation on ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) safety and increase protection measures given that, today, there are new technologies that help reduce the number of accidents and mitigate injuries.

At the same time, Europe is rapidly becoming convinced on the need of implementing new safety measures that prevent quads´ rollover. Although the concept of rollover protection is already included in the framework of the community directives, its application still needs to be further explored.

Other countries, such as Australia, have already made mandatory the use of Operator Protection Devices (OPDs) after more than 10 years of research on this matter.

In Air-Rops, we have developed the AR-Quad, an automatic rollover protection device that allows us to increase the safety of quad users.