Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has documented 498 off-highway vehicle (OHV) fatalities last year, only in America and most of them (between 60%-80%) involving ATV Crash Rollovers.

In January 2024´s Report, that compiled data from 2023, the CFA has detailed the most common causes of deaths, the age of the people involved, the crash and road type, the fatalities by month and many other statistics that help their citizens become aware of the risks and consequences of having a rollover accident. Between last year´s report most dramatic data, we found that 40% of the people who died in 2023 were aged under 30.

We will keep making efforts to let the world know that AIR-ROPS has developed the 1st Automatic RollOver Protection System (AR-Quad) that is currently being implemented in end user and company owned ATVs, making them feel safer and helping reduce the huge amount of deaths seen year after year.

AIR-ROPS is fully commited to try to mitigate this problem and try to reduce as much as possible the number of fatalities involving ATV rollovers.